Whether or not marketing companies should offer snacks to their employees is a widely debated subject. Here are six benefits that support this healthy idea.

  1. Camellia Grill Tip – Long Term Fuel.

In the past, an agency might have offered the occasional donut to their employees. They are cheap, sugary, and most people like them. They also aren’t very healthy. Doughnuts and most other sugary snacks provide a short and sweet burst of energy. That’s great at first, but then it’s followed by a crash that can stretch on for some time. The result is that long-term productivity during the day is hindered.

Consider, on the other hand, marketing agencies that offer healthy snacks to their employees. Snacks with a proper balance of nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants may not provide a sudden, sharp burst of energy, but they will provide long term fuel that lasts throughout the day. Workers are still enjoying the fuel hours after their snack has ended.

  1. Camellia and Creative Marketing.

Marketing takes an individual creative touch. They may not want to admit it, but most marketing professionals are like artists. As such, they need foods that fuel their creative sides. Certain health foods are labeled as brain foods and among these brain foods are foods that are especially useful at boosting creativity. You should read on local food what do I need to know if planning on dining locally.

Unhealthy foods, especially those that are heavily processed, can slow the brain down as well as the body. That’s certainly not going to help a marketing agency that needs creative input late into the day. Just another reason why they should serve healthy snacks to their workers.

  1. Fewer Sick Days: The Camellia Style!

No marketing company wants their star employee to take a sick day just as a big deadline is around the corner. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. The strength of their immune system and their overall well-being can be heavily contributed to the foods they eat.

Providing healthy snacks at work isn’t a guarantee that they won’t get sick, but it’s very likely to reduce the overall number of sick days taken in the office. They may still eat unhealthy at home, but at least office snacks aren’t contributing to the problem. Thus, that star employee is more likely to be at work as the deadline rolls closer.

  1. Attracting Employees: What else

SEO agencies want to attract qualified professionals with plenty of experience. Those guys are usually shopping around to decide which company they want to work for. Every small perk that can be offered will make a difference. Having healthy snack foods may not seem like a big deal, but it’s enough to draw some attention from professionals seeking work.

They may be fresh out of college, or they may be moving from a different firm. An agency’s decision to offer healthy snack foods is something they will consider. It may even be the small difference that tips the scales in that company’s favor.

  1. Better Team Building: What We here at Camellia Grill Think!

While this may be true of nearly any snack type, it works best when applied to healthy foods. Having a snack time that is separate from a lunch hour is a great opportunity for a team building around the office. A lot of professionals in marketing agencies spend their time behind a desk staring at a computer screen. They may not even know some of the people working in the office with them.

A snack time is an opportunity for everyone to step away from their desks and enjoy a healthy treat in a communal area. Some employees may meet each other for the first time. Others may build stronger relationships. This will benefit the business in the long run when these individuals find themselves working on a team together.

  1. A Boost In Moral: Tip from Camellia Grill Team!

Not every company offers a free snack to their employee. A marketing agency that incorporates a free healthy meal will certainly notice a boost in moral from their employees. They will be slightly more eager to come to work and to get the job done.

At the end of the day, offering healthy snacks to employees just makes sense for a marketing agency. Employees will be happier, more creative, and healthier. They will have time to bond and another reason to come to work each day.


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