Most people can get a car insurance quote via the Internet, telephone, from an agent or broker. Sometimes it’s a combination – you can start an online quote, but some companies appoint an agent before you can apply. No matter what, it’s smart to look around. How to shop for auto insurance?

First make a list of several national insurance companies. You can find them by simply “car insurance” on Google and scrolling through the list that appears. Then do the same for auto insurance in your area. To do this, simply add your city and status to Google.

A quick search of insurance companies in Maryland gives companies such as Maryland Auto Insurance, Goad Insurance Company and Woodhome Insurance. Open a new tab for each business you want to research, striving for about three to five.

How to determine what type of insurance coverage you need

Almost every state has certain minimum insurance requirements that must be met to be a legal driver. In many states, this can only be liability insurance, although it may also include other insurance, such as:

  • Protection against injury: it is not available in every state, this insurance covers your own medical costs, regardless of who is to blame for the accident.
  • Insurance for uninsured / uninsured drivers: covers the insured if injured by a driver who does not have insurance – or at least not enough to cover the costs of treatment. Sometimes also available for property damage (UMPD).
How to shop for auto insurance?
  • Medical fees: cover the cost of treatment for you and your vehicle up to the limit. Applies to all faults.
  • Collision coverage: includes collisions with another vehicle or a solid object
  • Comprehensive insurance: protects the car against collision physical damage
  • Covering the gaps: pays the difference between the loan debt and the value of the car after depreciation
  • Roadside assistance: includes insurance against car breakdowns. It usually covers the costs of towing, replacing tires, and sometimes re-entering the keys.

Direct auto insurance, online or by phone

Thanks to direct car insurance, you don’t need to look for an agent or broker. Online car insurance offers are popular, but you can also get direct insurance offers over the phone.

After receiving a car insurance quote online, you can view policy options and you can pause and resume the quote process in your free time. There is no pressure or additional sales – you provide your own information and do not contact agents or representatives unless you want. Car insurance offers can be obtained from the insurers’ websites or from a third-party comparison page.


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