If a company wants to operate with a name other than the name used to create the company, it must register a new name (called trade name). This is often called as DBA submission or as a business. For example, if “ABC Company LLC” wants to operate as “ABC Furniture Rental”, owners must submit a DBA. Can you get a DBA online in Texas?

In Texas, all corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability companies (LLPs) or out-of-state companies that regularly operate in Texas under a name other than a legal name must submit a DBA to the Secretary of State . The trade name should be submitted to the poviat office in the county in which the company operates.

How does it work in Texas?

Any company wishing to operate with a name (adopted name) other than the official company name must submit a Texas DBA. In Texas, it is mandatory to submit a DBA for all corporations that want to operate under a different name. This includes limited liability companies as well as limited partnerships and limited liability companies. The trade name must be submitted to the Secretary of State in Texas. In addition, if the company is headquartered in another county, then the DBA should also be submitted to that appropriate county official.

Single-member companies and general partnerships may not submit a DBA at state level. However, they will still need to submit a DBA to their country’s offices if they use a name (adopted name) that is not the official name of their company.

The only companies and partnerships do not need to submit documents at the state level, but they will have to submit DBA documents to the appropriate poviat offices if they use a name other than the legal name of their owner.

Can you get a DBA online in Texas?

General partnerships and sole proprietors are required to submit the Texas DBA to the county office in the county where their business is located. Real estate and real estate investing companies are also required to submit an application to the poviat.

A sole proprietorship is a company that belongs to one person who is not formally organized. If you run a business and pay taxes under your own name, you are the sole owner.

A general partnership is a company owned by many natural persons (partners) that is not registered. Each partner is responsible for all legal actions taken against the company.

Advantages of DBA

The main advantage of submitting a DBA registration is that it ensures legal compliance. For sole proprietors, DBA allows them to use a typical company name without creating a formal legal entity (i.e., Corporation or LLC). This is usually the cheapest way to legally operate under a different name.

The submission of a DBA gives the exclusive owner the freedom to use the company name, which helps sell its products or services, and creates a separate professional identity. However, please note that DBA does not protect your company name against use by others. To do this, you must seek trademark protection.



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